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JAPANESE  -  Paul's "Japan Articles" from his 5 years of living in Tokyo, Japan.  Paul was a gaijin magazine cultural editor for 2 years, plus there's a Japanese holiday calendar, some earthquake advice, and miscellaneous articles that he wrote for other magazines and newspapers published in Japan.  Living in a foreign culture is an adventure!  I highly recommend it for those who are able.

COPYWRONG  -  These are extremely thought provoking musings from Douso.  He speaks some 4+ languages (...including assembly), has traveled the world, reads prodigiously, and can bake cakes like you wouldn't believe!  A native Tokyoite he has the unique perspective of being able to view Japan much more objectively (both positive and negative) than any other Japanese person that Paul knows. The "copywrong" section is entirely under Douso's editorial discretion.  It is divided into Japanese and English sections.

WASHINGTON, D.C.  -  Some images from a Summer 2000 trip there.

HUMOR  -  The Adventures of Fox Staubest!  This one is TOP SECRET!

TECHNOLOGY LINKS  -  Looking for unbiased info on the best products and good buys? - then take a look!

NEWS LINKS  -  The Internet has opened new news sources, which is fantastic.  ...Don't just keep reading the old liberal-establishment news, gather a healthy balance of news from a variety of informed outlets!

SERMON ON THE MOUNT  -  Wisdom can come from many sources.  Don't ignore the time-tested wisdom of the Bible.  If you've never read Christ's "Sermon on the Mount" (Matthew, chapters 5 to 7) - now is your chance!  :-)

POLITICS  -  The Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights* (...*The Bill of Rights is applicable in all cases unless it's called a hate crime; BTW any non-hate crimes out there?), Thomas Paine's "Common Sense" (published anonymously in Jan. 1776; it's swift spread through the colonies helped lead directly to the formation and signing of the Declaration - barely 6 months later - of July 4, 1776).  Also some selected words from Thomas Jefferson.  Read for yourself the wisdom in these time tested documents.

CREATIONISM  -  We're barely conscious, in the spiritual sense.  From the beginning of humankind we've been easily deceived by malicious higher powers.  Who are we?  Why are we?  Don't waste too much time on that hobby or house.  Scientific theories (like current beliefs about evolution, for example) come and go - take a look at the other side of this important issue.  Don't be deceived and thus focus on the wrong life priorities.

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