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A Few Articles on Japan Today

Below are links to a few of my previously published articles. Share with friends as desired. Please ask for permission before re-publishing in any commercial/for profit form. Thank you.

Apt Rent Advice - Experiences and advice on renting an apartment in Japan, for foreigners (gaijin). It's not always so easy to find a good one, and some previous (often noisy) non-Japanese have given us a bad name. There's prejudice out there - but foreigners in Japan have rights too.

Tokugawa Ieyasu - A short article about one of Japan's most influential historical figures: Tokugawa Iesayu, of the 16th Century. He was a wise, shrewd, and clever leader.

Japan News Editorial - An editorial by my bi-lingual, bi-cultural Japanese co-writer - Mr. Akira Urushibata. This historically based editorial was first published in 1995.

Lt. Onoda - Famous in Japan, almost unknown overseas. Lt. Onoda was the very last Japanese soldier to cease fighting World War II ... in 1974 he put down his rifle and returned to Japan.

Yatsugatake - Yatsugatake is a beautiful music hall up in the mountains, situated far west of Tokyo. All wooden with a grand piano and priceless Japanese artworks.

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