Misc. Japan-Related Information

Below are links to a few of my previously published articles. Share with friends as desired. Please ask for permission before re-publishing in any commercial/for profit form. Thank you.

Japanese Income Tax Info - In Japan annual income tax returns must be filed by March 15th to claim refunds on over withheld deductions. While living in Japan you may still need to file with your home country as well.

Japanese Postal Rates/Guide - An abbreviated listing of common rates for letters and parcels, both domestic and international rates, as used by Japanese postal offices.

NBA Basketball in Japan - Basketball is the world's Number Two! sport (i.e. only behind soccer/football). Once per year a live NBA game is played in a major Japanese city.

Interview with Santa Claus - Humorous article about trying to have a telephone interview with Santa Claus during the pre-Christmas rush.

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