Paul's Technology Links

"A Flash - It All Stops - An EMP Happened" - <>  An article that I published in "2600 Magazine" the Spring 2012 Issue.

"Which Do We Prefer: Neanderthals or Hackers"


CNET  -  <>  It's a collection of information and product reviews from their plethora of computer publications, with lots of excellent software (freeware & shareware) downloads, and optional comparative pricing.  (Just watch for the optional downloads that sometimes get added.)

WIRED - <>  And on-line and print magazine with articles about technology and the modern world.

MAXIMUM PC  -  <>  Mo info, mo info, mo info, Mo!!

PRICEWATCH  -  <>  Looking for the absolute lowest computer component prices anywhere - I hope that you like complicated abbreviated component identification numbers!  (Be careful what you order!  Some of the "lowest" prices may be from firms that aren't completely reliable ... selling "generic" or items of questionable quality with no return policy, unless you don't need to return anything - then they have a good "return policy" in place.)

TUCOWS  -  <>  Rated downloadable freeware and shareware for all computer platforms:  Linux, Mac, Windows 9x/NT/2K, Amiga, UNIX, BeOS, etc....

SLASHDOT  -  <>  Tech News galore!

THE REGISTER  -  <>  Tech News from the U.K., eh!

TRANSLATE  -  <>  Freely translate web pages and short blocks of text between:  English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese & German ... and lots of other languages.

MAP IT  -  <>  Find and display all addresses in the U.S. and Canada.  Create custom driving directions and zoom in-out.

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