Images from a recent trip to Washington, D.C.

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The Capitol, as seen looking East from across the Mall
The White House, from the North side
The Jefferson Memorial
Inside the Jefferson Memorial
The Lincoln Memorial
Reflecting Pool in front of the Lincoln Memorial
Honest Abe
Looking out towards the Washington Memorial
Took off my shoe after long day of walking in D.C. Dohh!!  I mean, a T. Rex foot, eh
In the center of the National Museum of Natural History
Their description of the object below, found 100 years ago - a "bird"??
If they think this is a bird, next they'll believe that we have the most advanced civilization in history!
An original Apple Computer --> Way to go Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak!!
The Spirit of St. Louis - flown by Charles Lindbergh, from New York to Paris in May 1927  (is this a "bird" too?)
A real Gemini space capsule (...but a boring job for those 2 guys sitting inside there all day...)
The Apollo 11 space capsule
A real lunar module, not used in a (later canceled) Apollo flight
Visiting the Moon some more, while still in the National Air & Space Museum

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