Would Trump Really Be So Bad?   From October 2016, by Paul Abramson

Why Can't We All Just Get Along?   From December 2016, by Paul Abramson


"Hear Ye!  Hear Ye!"

A few American Politicaltexts for your perusal

In chronological order:

Common Sense,by Thomas Paine  -  First published anonymously in January1776

U.S. Declaration of Independence  "decstone.jpg" (428kb)    July4, 1776

One letter from Thomas Jeffersonto George Washington, dated March 15, 1784

U.S. Constitution   September 17, 1787

U.S. Bill of Rights   "billrights.jpg" (331kb)   September 25, 1789

Thomas Jefferson's Autobiography(up to 1790)

T. Jefferson's First InauguralAddress,  March 4, 1801

T. Jefferson's Second InauguralAddress, March 4, 1805

Note:  There are many documents from this transitional timewhich laid the groundwork for the new republic.  Another criticalset of historical documents (not included here) is known as "The FederalistPapers" a collection of editorials defending the new union betweenthe former 13 colonies into a new, more centralized (federal-based) union.

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