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    The graphics and layout are basic- my focus is web page content at this time. Feel free to peruse and copythis Japan-related information, if you'd like. Most of this info [on:]came from magazine articles which I wrote while living in Tokyo for 5 years.I'm now back in the U.S., working for a small start-up computer companyin the Bay Area.

   If you have comments or suggestions -contact me; my e-mail address is below. All materials are copyright 1996-2009,by Paul Abramson (unless otherwise noted). Sharing with friends - great! They're FREE to use educationally,but please request written permission prior to commercial and/or for-profitreproduction of any kind, thank you.  Yoroshikuonegai shimasu!   ポール · エブランソン

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     Info on: EarthquakePreparation in Japan

     Info on: Shogi - "Japanese Chess"

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